Sunday, August 30, 2009

me at UTP

d0nt get confuse wif da title updey n0t study at Universiti Teknologi Petronas(UTP) but at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak(KMPk).da one hu read my earlier post wil n0e dat.but da title only want 2 t0ld u dat im write dis here at UTP.i came here last saturday,2days b4 merdeka.da only reas0n i came here only 2 visit me frens here habil,midaik,haidar.but da main reas0n only bec0me da reas0n.a l0t of activities,l0t of travelling,l0t of happiness came across.dont want 2 talk b0ut dat c0s dat nt da reas0n i wrote dis.and if i write dat,i can sure dat there will b an0ther sleepless nite in mylife.

we wil die 2gether

so,da reas0n dat trigger me 2 write dis p0st is to wish a c0ngratz to da student of utp dat jus now create his 0wn blog,visit dis bl0g please:



paver of destruction

and d other reas0n i wrote dis is 2 wish to all malaysians.hepy 52nd merdeka.i d0nt noe wut 2 say b0ut dat c0s til n0w i stil d0nt noe da real meaning 0f da w0rd 'merdeka'.ofcos i noe dat mean independent,a feeling t0 be free fr0m anything but stil i d0nt noe h0w 2 elab0rate dat in such a way dat t0ld h0w i appreciate dat.dat bc0s im not 100% appreciate dat.erm,0ur prime mnster will be dissapointed if he n0e dat he get dis such a malaysian.haha.,but dis hpn bc0s im n0t da 0ne hu live in such a bad day in da tyme b4 merdeka.but da gud news is im stil hepy t0 be 0ne of malaysians.1malaysia.(n_n)

n0t like wut u think

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