Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm thinking and decided..and let it g0!!wtf?

.hye bloggers.

these few days.all wut im thnkg is ab0ut me inda future.i stil d0n n0e wut wil bc0me of me next 10years.i gotta feeling da s0ngs sang by B.E.P in da album the E.N.D if im n0t mistaken.its just a smple s0ngs wif a great music dat amaze me 0fcos.means n0thng wif wut im thnkg but dis s0ngs is actually da one dat triggered me 2thnk b0ut wut im thnkg lately.ive seen pe0ple.older one.sum wif a great life.wif a huge car.wif a great family.and sum vice versa.its n0t dat im nver seen dis kind 0f people b4 but only n0w i care b0ut th0se thngs.ive strted 2thnk ab0ut me in their age.wut would i bc0me..

i hve a dreams.inda future, i wntd 2be da one wif a great career.great inc0me.great family.including great wife.i wnt 2hve such a w0nderful life wif sum1 i l0ve da dat sum1?no 0ne wil n0e.including u dzakwan.da one inside ur mind myb da one but stil we can c0nfirm dat.haha.and d other thngs is i really wntd 2be a perfect husband 4my future wife.great father 4my future s0ns&daughter.and a trusted,respected,great,w0nderful, and a go0d paver 4my future family.i wnt 2be da one dat can paved great path 4them 2 followed.i wnt 2 make my future wife, kids, family feel safe being near me.n0 harm at all.and we live happily ever after.BUT dis is all my dreams.can dis dreams c0mes true?only God n0e dat.but stil i wil keep on trying 2make dis bc0mes a reality.insyaALLAH wif a lil' try, pray & believe in God, da dreams will c0mes true.,amin.

.dat's all f0lks.

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